It’s not a job. It’s a passion!

Our Town America franchisees build business relationships with the very best Local Businesses in the country.

As a home-based business opportunity, our franchisees are neighborhood Marketing Consultants. We enable Local Business owners to target some of their best prospects. Our Town America helps new movers adjust and feel welcomed into their new community, a tradition since 1972.

Qualified franchise candidates should have:

  • Business experience (sales or marketing experience appreciated)
  • Upfront franchise fee of $47,500. If you’re a veteran we offer a $10,000 discount!


I left the corporate arena and I needed an opportunity where I could make a decent income. We went to work immediately when we bought our franchise and we worked extremely hard to get to where we are… but I’ll tell you what – there has been a lot of success both from a personal standpoint and from a financial standpoint. I think I made a great decision as far as coming onboard with Our Town.

– Chris Beer of Our Town Atlanta, GA – Franchisee since 1999