New Mover Franchise More Popular Than Ever!

Our Town America is the nation’s premier New Mover Marketing franchise

Our Town America is the Nation’s Premier New Mover Welcoming Organization. We’re a Franchise Business Review (FBR) Hall of Fame candidate, as well as FBR’s All-time Top Company, and have been franchising since 2009. We are a Veteran-Owned company that has undergone an 18 percent overall sales growth.

With roughly 40+ million U.S. residents moving every year, small business owners watch their clients bypass town month after month. Our Town America replaces those lost customers with movers that are impressionable. Recently featured on Fox & Friends, Our Town America franchisees are willing to validate belief and their achievement in the program.


  • Our Town America requires a low initial investment
  • We encourage our franchisees to operate from a home office
  • Franchisees don’t need a manufacturing facility as all manufacturing is done at our company headquarters
  • Our program offers businesses category exclusivity and trackable information re: return on investment
  • We supply proprietary management applications for franchisees so they can easily handle their franchise on-the-go
  • We provide complete security and monitoring features
  • We supply intuitively and secure mobile software
  • We use social networking and loyalty programs to optimize success


New movers are an audience that is forced to make purchasing habits. Upon getting the attractive Our Town America Welcome Package and the offers from host companies partnered with your franchise, new movers feel educated and welcomed to their neighborhood. It’s obvious to the mover that an extraordinary step was taken to convey sincerity and hospitality.


  • We pull out all stops with a Warm Welcome Letter — Provides a brief explanation as to why the new movers have received these gifts. Puts focus on the new mover and their needs.
  • New Mover Survey — Provides invaluable feedback for the franchise system as a whole, as well as for the respective businesses.
  • Genuine Gift Certificates — Proven offers from host businesses partnered with your individual franchise.
  • Community Magnet — Provides a daily reminder of the host business(es) who welcomed them into the community. Available upon request


Our franchisees are generally very “hands on”. While our franchise model allows for a great deal of freedom, we have found that it does require dedication. Franchisees introduce new movers to local businesses in their area by way of our new mover welcoming package. As in any business, it is crucial to keep an open line of communication with existing clients.

Franchisees prospect, in person and via telephone, to companies in their market. Our territorites are manageable for a one-person sales company, though some franchisees may decide to develop a sales team. We’ll work with you to determine which is the perfect decision for you.

New Mover Franchises Are Available!

Our Town America is currently accepting franchise applications in all 50 States, D.C., and Puerto Rico! Simply complete the form below to get the process started!