Get Your Own New Mover Marketing Franchise

Managing a New Mover Marketing franchise couldn’t be easier with the right approach and realistic expectations. Why should you purchase a franchise to help local businesses?

Individuals that are new to any given neigboorhood are essentially starting over. They have no loyalty or no bias. They are all set to change their lifestyle, and they are eager to try new places. Here lies the trick: local businesses need to reach them and that’s where you come in!

New Mover Marketing Franchises Available

How do we know new movers are an incredible market and opportunity?

  • 40 million Americans move every year
  • 80 percent of fresh movers try new solutions and products from local companies and redeem offers during the process
  • Homeowners invest upwards of $9,400 prior to and following their move
  • Renters can spend almost $4,000 before, during, and after a move

Those two amounts are crucial. Individuals who move are spending a great deal of cash! 

Getting local businesses to advertise to new movers is a great concept, but it is almost impossible to do without resources. That is where from Our Town America comes in. We do all the research to know WHO has moved and WHERE they have moved to. It’s your job to get the local small businesses to welcome them to the neighborhood. 

How can you do that? We have a proven sales process that makes our new mover marketing program easy for business owners to understand. For many industries, the return on investment is huge! We even have a call center dedicated to setting qualified appointments for you.

Combine your desire to succeed with our proven process to create your own winning strategy.

New Mover Franchises Are Available!

Our Town America is currently accepting franchise applications in all 50 States, D.C., and Puerto Rico! Simply complete the form below to get the process started!